Over 60s travel insurance

With no mortgage and no dependent children, the over 60s now find themselves able to afford to travel more often than in the past. And, with increasing mobility in the job market, often we are travelling not just on holiday but to visit children and grandchildren who have relocated across the country or even abroad.

When travelling, it is extremely important to have travel insurance, even in Europe. Many travellers wrongly believe that it is unnecessary to have travel insurance when travelling to Europe as they believe that it is just a matter of carrying an ECIH card.

Travel insurance can not only cover emergency medical and health treatment for illness or injury abroad, it can also cover loss of valuables, holiday cancellations, lost luggage and airline failure.

Travel insurance is an important part of your holiday; something that should never be overlooked.

You may be a healthy, active 60 / 70 or even 80 something, but that won’t stop some travel insurance companies deciding you are no longer ‘young enough’ to insure.

Some of us are used to not worrying about travel insurance, after all we have policies provided by our credit card or home insurance companies as part of their deal with us, but watch out for age limits. You may think you’re insured but you may not be. Always check, check now to make sure you’re still within their age limits and your policy will cover you for the entire length of your trip.

Although you may experience difficulty obtaining travel insurance due to your age, there are many insurance companies that do offer special policies, such as over 60 travel insurance, over 65, over 70 and even over 80 travel insurance.

As we get older we are more likely to have pre-existing medical conditions which, more than just a concern to our health, can present problems when trying to obtain travel insurance. Some companies will offer travel insurance policies for senior travellers with pre-existing medical conditions – sometimes as standard, sometimes these conditions can increase insurance premiums.

While it maybe tempting to overlook a medical condition, especially if it means you can get a cheaper policy, it isn’t worth the risk. Failure to inform your insurance company of any pre-existing medical condition can invalidate your policy and leave you liable for expensive medical fees.

If you are looking to purchase travel insurance for senior citizens shop around, use an online insurance comparison site or a company that specializes in over 60’s travel insurance, don’t just take the first policy offered by your travel agent as significant savings can be made if you shop around.

When buying travel insurance think about what activities you will be participating in on holiday and make sure these are included in the policy. Ensure you have adequate health and medical cover, including repatriation, personal liability, loss of possessions, including theft, cancellation or curtailment of your holiday and emergency assistance.

A recent addition to travel insurance has been cover in the event of airline insolvency and the costs of any losses associated with this – not all companies include this so make sure prior to purchase.

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