CAA unveils flight comparison chart

Finding cheap flights for a holiday or to visit friends and family abroad can prove to be a nightmare. What initially looks like a bargain flight, often bears no resemblance to the advertised price when you finally part with your credit card details.

Optional extras, some of which you may have thought were, or rather should have been, included in the price of your ticket, soon bump up the price.

In the past, I’ve seen flight prices more than double because of taxes and charges. Fortunately, the days of airlines adding on taxes and charges to the advertised ticket price are over, however, airlines still have lots of extras that they can surprise you with. When you take into consideration these extras, such as, checked-in baggage charges, pre-booking seats, meals and drinks, card payment charges, transaction charges, and, sometimes, airport check-in fees, your ticket price has far exceeded your expected purchase price.

These added charges can make it extremely difficult to compare budget airline ticket prices with traditional airlines.

From today, things may have become a little bit easier thanks to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which has unveiled a chart that compares airline charges for 24 airlines operating scheduled flights in the UK.

The chart lists airlines and their charges for the following ‘extras’:

  • Check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Text message confirmation
  • Sports equipment charges
  • Checked-in luggage – weights and fees
  • Reserved seating
  • Meals
  • Other charges – including name changes
  • Charges applied when paying by various cards.

The chart is a great tool and could help travellers save money on their flights, perhaps by identifying which airline would be cheaper when taking all aspects into consideration.

The CAA aims to update its airline comparison chart quarterly – you can find it here

Have you ever been caught out by airline charges that you were unaware of? Possibly you didn’t find out until you were checking in, or perhaps you had a shock when you came to pay for what you thought was a cheap flight. If so, feel free to let us know in the comments below.