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Welcome to senior travels, a website specializing in the needs of the over 60s traveller. Here we offer tips and travel advice for senior travellers.

Retirement can seem like an ending; an important break in our lives; the ceasing of working. However, it should be viewed as a great beginning; the start of an enjoyable life full of things we want to do; things a few years’ ago we could only dream about, but now we have the time to do them, time to do longed-for activities…and to travel!

Most of us have worked our entire lives, be it in the work place or at home bringing up our children. Now own children have grown up and left the nest so we no longer have the financial burden of dependent children, or, hopefully a mortgage. Nor do we have the time constraints placed on us by our employer. We no longer have just four or five weeks’ holiday a year where we were free, free to take holidays or squeeze in that all-important DIY.

We now have time, plenty of time to do just what we want!

Providing we have the financial freedom, we can choose to take as many or as few holidays as our hearts desire.

This freedom allows us to take our holidays whenever we want, avoiding the expensive school holidays and taking advantage of off-peak holidays. But with this freedom comes restrictions, restrictions placed on us by our age, travel insurance for example, for now we are penalized by sometimes hefty payments because of our age. We can also face car hire restrictions and, sometimes, mobility issues.

This site aims to address some of the issues faced by the senior traveller and gives you tips, advice and suggestions to make the most of your holidays.

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